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The market for electronic cigarettes has been growing exponentially in the past few years, with people switching over from tobacco cigarettes, largely due to the health hazards associated with smoking tobacco. V2 Cigs is among the e-cigarette companies, which have succeeded in establishing a strong presence in this niche.

The Product Offered

V2 Cigs markets a standard kit and an ultimate starter kit. A starter kit includes 10 flavored cartridges, a USB adapter, a wall charger and two batteries – one manual and one automatic. An ultimate kit, besides containing the batteries, adapter and charger included in the standard kit, also includes a USB battery, an additional battery, 25 cartridges, a lanyard, a car charger kit, a portable charger and a metal case. Both offerings by the company are superior to most competitors’ products and sufficient for first timers to satisfy their cravings and curiosity.

How It Looks

The Ultimate starter kit is housed in a tough box with a metal clasp. The interior is specially designed to accommodate each component and accessory snugly as well as to protect from any potential damage.

V2 Cigs uses the two-piece system adopted by most top brands of e-cigarettes. The dimensions and contents of the e-cigarette are as per the normal industry standards. The manufacturers have tried to style the e-cigarette with a futuristic design, which is quite appealing. V2 Cigs are available in a variety of colors – black, metallic blue, chrome and white. The high standards of manufacturing are evident from the feel and the appearance of the final product. The V2 Cigs are easy to use. The safety aspect has also been taken care of, with features such as an automatic shut off if inhaled continuously for more than ten seconds.

How It Vapes

V2 Cigs are available in three flavors that mimic the taste of tobacco, named Congress, Red and Sahara. Besides these users have the option of coffee, cherry, vanilla, grape, cola and chocolate flavors as well as three mint flavors. The company adds a few limited edition flavors and is open to adding flavors of your choice to their repertoire if you place a sufficiently large order exceeding 100 cartridges.

Tobacco flavor is a perennial favorite and menthol has emerged the winner out of the mint options. Many of the other flavors take a little getting used to, but the taste closely resembles the real deal.

The e-liquid is available in four different strengths with 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and zero nicotine levels. Users looking to quit the smoking habit can gradually reduce the nicotine content till they reach zero level at which they are inhaling vapor and flavor devoid of nicotine.

Battery Specs

The V2 Cigs batteries, both manual and automatic, are designed to last for around 180 puffs. Heavy users can opt for the long life model, which is expected to give approximately 300 puffs. The facility to recharge the batteries using the USB port is convenient. With this battery life and recharging options, an average user can easily expect to make it through the day.


The V2 Cigs have an elegant appearance, offer a range of flavors and give the user an experience similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. While the e-cigarette from V2 Cigs does not look like the traditional cigarette, the appearance is nonetheless appealing. The only drawback is that the company lacks e-liquid with 24mg nicotine strength. However this should not be a grave concern particularly with most users seeking to reduce their nicotine intake. Try V2 today and save with the V2 coupon code presented above.

  • Yoush

    Great product overall here, looks very smart and something I wouldn’t mind taking out and about.

  • Jane M

    The discount for the starter kit is amazing this was the last push I need to finally get my electronic cigarettes and get over with smoking tobacco. I really hope I don´t miss the old regular cigarettes.